Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies GmbH

Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies GmbH


Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies GmbH (R-Tech) is the member of the Steinbeis Group (, established in 1971. The Steinbeis Group with its 700+ Transfer Centers in 50+ countries offer global services in technology and knowledge transfer. The main competence of the R-Tech is in the area of assessment, analysis and management of business and technical risks. R-Tech is currently active in the area risks related to industrial safety and technology related risks. Organizing European and national stakeholders, promoting and supporting technology transfer, introducing new approaches to the risks and their management, development of specific methods and tools are examples of these activities.

Bay Zoltán Institute

Bay Zoltán Institute

The Foundation was established in 1992 by the government. The Foundation operates as a non-profit research organisation and its research and development activity is carried out in six institutes at the moment. Bay Zoltán Institute for Logistics and Production Systems (BAY-LOGI) was founded in 1993 as the third institute of the Foundation. The Institute is located in Miskolc, Hungary. At the moment there are 8 departments in the institute working in the field of applied research. These are: Structural Integrity; Information Technology; Energetic; Mechatronics; Recycling and Logistics; Water jet Cutting; Measurement and control systems; Project coordination and development. There are approximately 50 employees in the Institute including 3 Ph.D. students.
   Special expertise of the Department for Structural Integrity in related to the project area:
  • risk based inspection and maintenance planning
  • application of numerical methods for simulation the  operation conditions of structures,
  • experimental and theoretical investigations of material behaviour and damage processes of  materials and structures,
  • reliability and integrity assessment of structures, life-time management.
Other expertise of other departments relevant to the project:
  • telecommunication
  • image processing
  • measurement system and software development
  • data mining and application of neural networks.
The institute have participated and still participates with great success in different national and international tenders: since the foundation we have participated in the realization of more than 25 international projects, as well as we have been the coordinators of several projects (e.g.: PECO,  COPERNICUS, INCO-COPERNICUS, NATO, TEMPUS, EU Framework Programme 5 and 6, bilateral TéT projects)

European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management
  European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management

The European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management (EU-VRi), is the European organization which provides professional service, consulting, information and education needed in the broad area of modern integrated risk management and, in particular, management of emerging risks. EU-VRi has been legally established in Nov. 2006 by 5 founding members (BZF, INERIS, Steinbeis, Technologica, University of Stuttgart)

EU-VRi is organized as a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) and its purpose is to facilitate or develop the economic activities of its members by a pooling of resources, activities or skills. The activities of the EEIG are related to the economic activities of its members and the main goal of the EEIG is to promote, enhance and add value to the businesses of the EU-VRi members.

EU-VRi provides services to industry, research community and/or public authorities and connects individual industrial companies or networks of companies – often acting as a research broker.

In addition, EU-VRi facilitates the mobility of researchers between research and industry, and it acts as a vehicle to create efficient consortia to address the R&D needs and other needs of industry.

In 2007 more than 30 new members have joined EU-VRi. The members come from:

  • The EU and other countries
  • Industry
  • R&D and academia
  • Governmental and non-governmental/international organizations
  • SME’s (small and medium enterprises ).