Bay Zoltán Institute

Bay Zoltán Institute

The Foundation was established in 1992 by the government. The Foundation operates as a non-profit research organisation and its research and development activity is carried out in six institutes at the moment. Bay Zoltán Institute for Logistics and Production Systems (BAY-LOGI) was founded in 1993 as the third institute of the Foundation. The Institute is located in Miskolc, Hungary. At the moment there are 8 departments in the institute working in the field of applied research. These are: Structural Integrity; Information Technology; Energetic; Mechatronics; Recycling and Logistics; Water jet Cutting; Measurement and control systems; Project coordination and development. There are approximately 50 employees in the Institute including 3 Ph.D. students.
   Special expertise of the Department for Structural Integrity in related to the project area:
  • risk based inspection and maintenance planning
  • application of numerical methods for simulation the  operation conditions of structures,
  • experimental and theoretical investigations of material behaviour and damage processes of  materials and structures,
  • reliability and integrity assessment of structures, life-time management.
Other expertise of other departments relevant to the project:
  • telecommunication
  • image processing
  • measurement system and software development
  • data mining and application of neural networks.
The institute have participated and still participates with great success in different national and international tenders: since the foundation we have participated in the realization of more than 25 international projects, as well as we have been the coordinators of several projects (e.g.: PECO,  COPERNICUS, INCO-COPERNICUS, NATO, TEMPUS, EU Framework Programme 5 and 6, bilateral TéT projects)