Package B done
Work on Package B of RiskNIS project is in its last stage. Package B has included:
  • RBI / RCM analyses for selected units in 2 oil refineries and 1 complete gas refinery of NIS a.d.
  • HSE analysis for unit FCC of Pancevo Refinery,
  • training and education, including certification of employees on different organizational and professional levels.

Final reports are finished and they present results of RBI and RCM / RCFA analyzes for approximately 25 % of all equipment in three refineries of NIS a.d. HSE analysis of FCC unit in Refinery Pancevo and corresponding safety report according to the requirements of Seveso II directive [96/82/EC].

Full training and education of NIS employees has been realized as well. It has involved participants from different NIS a.d. organizational units. Final score of this training and education shows 400+ participation in different training, education or certification activities.

All these results of the Package B will further contribute to
  • control risk level by means of inspection processes and justified maintenance tasks optimization, contributing to site safety management and operational reliability of asset,
  • reduce plants hazard level by effective and timely inspection and maintenance works resulting with increased confidence in operation of the plant.,
  • align with the EU and other international regulations,
  • support to increase the turnaround cycles.