Package A done
Work within Package A of the project has started by the end of 2008 and finished in May 2009. The comprehensive critical review of the state of NIS assets (Basic Resource Document) has been made and the integrated web-based system for Risk-based inspection (RBI), Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) and Health, Safety and Environment analysis installed and applied on over 2,000 sample cases (units, systems, pieces of equipment – approx. 6 times more than initially planned). Approx. 300 participants of the corresponding training, education and certification measures have gained the professional skills needed to apply the methods and use the system.

Although the economic benefits were not foreseen for the Package A, the RCM/RCFA application of the system, on the example of maintenance-related investment (pumps) resulted in substantial savings.
Reed more about Package A and its results.

The main measurable economic benefits of the project are projected in packages B and C. Package “HSSE” will ensure compliance with the new regulation. Possible package “Aopt” would decisively improve the management system (Computerized Maintenance Management System - CMMS).

Continuation of the project in terms of packages and projects is foreseen as:

  • Package B will additionally provide the guided/supported implementation of the technology and tools provided in the basic package A. to a 20% of all equipment in NIS a.d. production units (the assumed most critical equipment) – ca. 5100 equipment.
  • Package C – assessing the complete assets of NIS (estimated approx. 30,000 components) and
  • Package Aopt with the goal of introducing the full-scale CMMS system.