Project Description
Acronym: RiskNIS
Start date: August 01, 2008
Total project value: approx. 2342k€
Project coordinator: Steinbeis Advanced Risk-Technologies,
Aleksandar, S. Jovanovic
Total number of partners: 2
Contact person (name/email): Aleksandar Jovanovic,
Project webpage R-Tech/EU-VRi:
Official webpage (coordinator):


The collaboration between NIS a.d and R-Tech in the area of Asset Management / Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) has started in the first half of 2005 with the Pilot project aimed to provide the baseline needed for introduction of risk-based methods in inspection and maintenance, and risk management in NIS a.d. refineries and other operating units. 

Based on the results of the Pilot project, the collaboration continued with the project Risk management and use of risk-based approaches in inspection, maintenance and HSE in NIS a.d. plants (RiskNIS). The objectives of the project are to establish and implement an up-to-date asset management system which will allow mastering a cost effective maintenance, will be auditable to any regulatory inspections, and will ensure safety and reliability operation of present static and rotating equipment, as well as safety systems. 

The project covers following services: 
• Feasibility study, with the aim to determine basis for risk management implementation 
• Implementation of RBI, RCM and RCFA, including software Licensing, analyses
• Implementation of HSE, HAZOP and Seveso II Directive
• Training of NIS a.d. in RBI, RCM/RCFA and HSE/HAZOP/Seveso II and covering certification as well. 

These tasks are to be realized gradually, throughout three work packages (next to be ordered after acceptance of the results from the previous package):
• transfer of basic technologies and know-how for risk-based approaches in inspection and maintenance and HSE / HAZOP / Seveso II analysis 
• implementation package 
• full coverage package including analysis for all identified equipment of NIS. 

Results achieved up to the moment include: 

• RBI / RCM analyses for selected units in 2 oil refineries and 1 complete gas refinery (25 % of all equipment)
• HSE analysis for one complete unit of Pancevo Refinery and corresponding safety report according to the requirements of Seveso II directive [96/82/EC].
• training and education of employees on different organizational and professional levels (400+ participation).